Friends Committee

Friends Committee

The Committee is elected at the Friends Annual General Meeting. Formal roles and persons currently in position include:

Chairperson - Vanessa Hope

Vice-Chair - Sarah Gniadek-Pitt

Secretary - Victoria Douglas

Treasurer -Lisa Withers

General members - Suzy Ditchburn, Laura Legate

Staff Representatives - Cathy Godfrey, Claire Tobin

Year Group Representatives

A number of volunteers support Friends events, by helping to organise and facilitate activities in their chosen year group. Year Group Representatives for the current year are listed below.



Cat Ringsell and Laura Legate

Year 3

Laura Legate


Beth Elikins and Suzanne Richarson

Year 4

Laura Hardy and Vicky Munday

Year 1

Suzanne Ditchburn and Emma Paton

Year 5

Caroline Burgess and Amy Sim

Year 2

Cat Ringsell

Year 6

Fiona Crawshaw and Storm Dinsey

Friends Committee meetings are held monthly and all parents are welcome to attend. Meeting details are advertised on the Friends Blog, Facebook page and school notice boards. If you are interested in becoming a Committee member or Year Group Representative, please email:


Wantage CE Primary School, Newbury Street, Wantage, Oxon OX12 8DJ

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